Security is complex

Why Indelible?

All of the cybersecurity consultancies say the same thing.. “Years of experience”… “We have done everything with everyone!”…

It’s hard to stand out or describe our value proposition when everyone seems to be saying the same thing, so – let us just show you. E-mail us or just call, and let’s talk about your infosec challenges.

Be forewarned, however. If you are invested in continuing to waste time treating symptoms and making absolutely no progress against the problem, then we may not be your cup of tea.

Seasoned cybersecurity professionals

How hard is it to find top talent these days? If you can find them, how do you keep them? If you can keep them, how do you find more? It’s a sellers’ market, and it’s only getting worse.

To use an analogy usually used in a different context, we are at a point in our industry where you can just buy milk instead of buying the whole cow, so why are so many companies still shopping for cows? There is a better way…

If you are trying to build and staff a SOC, define a strategy or roadmap for how the cloud will optimally accelerate your business, or this SOC2 topic is nothing but a source of frustration, just ask for an hour of our time.

‘The customer is king!’

It may be that we are excessively needy, but the idea of failing our clients is fundamentally repugnant and offensive. It won’t happen on our watch.